Gesbanha was launched in October 1986 by Francisco Banha as an accounting services company. Throughout the years, besides accounting, skills were obtained in complementary areas that today are the core business of the company, namely the corporate governance rules, through implementation of an adequate philosophy of Business Process Outsourcing.

After twenty five years, Gesbanha prepares itself to a new period of growth in the moment that other companies of the group consolidate their success and thus, perpetuate the entrepreneurial impetus shown since the early days by the founder of this venture.



Administration Council

Dr. Francisco Banha - President
Dr. Francisco Vieira - Member
Dr. Sérgio Póvoas - Member

General Assembly

Dr. Luís Viana Palha da Silva - President
Sr. António Mão de Ferro Mourato - Vice-President
Dra. Carla Dias Coelho - Secretary


Dr. Fernando Vieira - Certified Auditor


About Gesbanha S.A.

Gesbanha S.A. has a current organizational structure in which management functions are considered an instrument to achieve the established goals.

Thus, we understand that our structure is a series of responsibilities, authorities, communications and decisions that, through an adequate distribution of resources, has been allowing us to reach, in an optimized way, the results settled on our strategic plan.

In our company, more important than processes or structures, are the persons; persons avoid that structures won’t be barriers towards innovation and creativity, consisting in:

  • Very few hierarchical levels, ensuring fast decisions and allowing a clearer responsibility for taking them;
  • Being simple;
  • Being flexible and quickly adaptable to new conditions;
  • Being market-oriented.

Our structure is fundamentally supported by a set of specialised technicians (coordinators) that direct and discipline their own performance according to feedback from co-workers and clients, aiming to communicate effectively with the market.

The Administration Council leads the company and manages its resources in the best way possible, through the transfer of the existing financial, human, material and technological means in the several business centres.

The functions of the Administration Council:

  • To determine the mission, basic goals and values of the company;
  • To establish the strategic plan of the company managing its resources;
  • To establish the standards of mindset and performance for each coordinator;
  • To establish general policies that are legitimate to the company as a whole;
  • To promote the launching of new businesses;

Each coordinator is directly responsible for the results and performance of the team under his direction, i.e. each coordinator of the business centre, is in fact, the administrator of his micro company.

The coordinator develops and recommends the strategic, operational and financial plans of his team, which are approved, rejected or revised by the manager of Gesbanha S.A.

Organizational Structure

Vision & Mission
Our Vision and Mission

To be an all-time reference in the implementation of the corporate governance best practices to our clients, contributing to an economical growth in Portugal.