Having as reference clients both from the public and private sectors, we render services from the most common activities related to accounting to the more complex ones demanded by an increasing number of clients that recognize in us the value of extracting the most useful information to make decisions.

  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cost accounting
  • General Accounting
  • Management Control
  • Corporate Governance
  • Costing-based
  • Financial Management
  • Payroll
  • Processes Reengineering
  • Participation in the Society


Multidisciplinary professionals attentive to the most demanding conditions of each client and available to respond, together with them, to the quest for new solutions that allow a constant adaptation to the market and to all the surrounding community;

Expertise in ERPS software: Sap, Baan, AS400, Oracle, Primavera, Infologia, Prológica, SAGE and personalized software developed internally in Web environment;

Experience accumulated with multinational demanding clients, Portuguese economical groups, small and medium enterprises that require regular reports to their headquarters or holdings, to Banco de Portugal, to Instituto de Seguros de Portugal and CMVM. Experience on demanding competences not only at the level of SNC (Sistema de Normalização Contabilística) but also in IAS, FASB, NIC and US GAAP.

Outsourcing of the accounting function

The transfer of the accounting function to an external entity capable of its full execution, in crucial respects like the client Focus, Adequate Support Structure, Technologies and Information Systems and Policies of Ongoing Improvement, allows our clients to appeal to this technical outsourcing with clear competitive advantages, an example of what is already a practice in the outsourcing of the computing or juridical services.
This delegation of functions allows, equally, to ensure the independence and transparency levels about the reliability of the information, once that the Staff of the External Entity, besides the technical autonomy associated to the execution are subject to the professional Norms and Uses in the same manner as their Deontology and regulation and disciplinary criteria imposed by the certified Ordem dos Técnicos Oficiais de Contas.
The verification of all these presuppositions allows, thus, to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness in the implementation of an adequate Internal Control System in an individual and reinforced basis, following these imperatives:

(i) The existence of a full, reliable and timely accounting and financial information, in particular respective to its registration, conservation and availability;

(ii) Render in a reliable, complete and timely way financial and tax services to the respective authorities and organizations;

(iii) Reliable information to the management, namely with the goal of demonstrating the state of businesses and respective results.

Vision & Mission
Our Vision and our Mission

To be a constant reference in the implementation of the best practices of corporate governance to our clients, contributing thus to a sustained economic growth in Portugal.