Emerging Company Service 

Bringing together our 25 years serving large organizations, at the level of management information, governance and supporting of the decision-making process, with the expertise of the Group, in the scope of supporting the launch of high growth potential startups, we decided to create the “Emerging Company Service”. It’s an unique package, with a big set of services, but with one goal: to support entrepreneurs since the company’s launching until it becomes a large-scale success.
Like we understand that launching a company is an unique moment, we also know the startup management has features and unique challenges. Working with us, gives you the access to staff with knowdeldge and experience in terms of entrepreneurship, venture capital, business angels, management, accounting, processes, human resources, internal control, intelligence systems, taxation and quality.

Information for Managing 
To make a decision it’s important to possess reliable and timely information. In emerging companies, the challenges are so many and the markets changes are so fast, that the entrepreneur must equip himself with economical and financial data to monitor his business, and also to report the remaining shareholders, perhaps venture capital firms or business angels.

In this respect, we work not only with financial accounting, but also with management accounting and forecast. The variety of services below intends to respond to all the needs a startup has to control its business plan.
  • Analytical Accounting / Cost Centers
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Operating Budget and Treasury
  • Budgetary Control
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Financial Assets Monitoring
  • Treasury Control and Forecast
  • Variance Analysis
  • Tableaux de bord
  • Report Monthly Meetings
Human Resources 
Human Resources are one of the most crucial intangibles in any organization. Knowing how to motivate and retaining the best staff is key to modern management. Through working methods learned during all these years, we advise and support the entrepreneur in staff management tasks.
  • Payroll
  • Fulfilement of Reporting Obligations
  • Fulfilment of all Legal and Tax Obligations
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Human Resources Consultancy
Information Systems 
Today the information systems are a critical variable in any organization. Its high cost (namely for startups) and its relevance since the very first moment, lead us to make available this solution by outsourcing. Based in the know-how acquired throughout the years, we are in good conditions to ensure a total solution so that you’ll never be worried again about your information systems, neither with its investment cost.

Thus, we make a custom-built ERP available for you, with all the outputs that you feel you need to your day-to-day management and also to “feed” the accounting.  
  • Custom-built ERP
  • Systems Analysis
  • Interlinks Between the Operational and the Accounting Part
Accounting and Taxation 
We created and developed the accounting component of your startup, so as to guarantee all registrations are kept according to the portuguese law and the international standards of accounting enabling, at the same time, to ensure the needed information towards an accurate management control. A timely and reliable accounting system is not only a contribution to a more fruitful management, but also a guarantee to your shareholders and to the stakeholders of the your company. In our perspective, accounting is a critical success factor to any company and that’s why it is the pillar of all our services.

We assure not only the execution of taxation, the handling and delivery of all documentation related to the various taxes, but also, all the aspects related to tax planning. 
  • Organization of Accounts Chart
  • Accounting Calendar
  • Requirements SNC, US, GAAPs…
  • Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Accounts
  • Archives Organization
  • Recapitulative Statements
  • Monthly Trial Balance
  • Information notes in the report annexed to the accounts
  • Auditors and Remaining External Entities Support
  • Tax Obligations
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Tax Planning
Processes and Internal Control 
When starting to work on his own, the entrepreneur must think about the design and implementation of all processes and the respective internal control. We belive the success of any company depends mostly on internal processes as well as in the implemented control system and that’s why we support the entrepreneur in this respect, offering our work, filled with accumulated experience on serving large companies. 
  • Manual of Procedures Elaboration
  • Implementation of Internal Control Measures
  • Functional Analysis
Investement and Financing 
Entrepreneurs are facing multiple challenges today and, launching a company without a solid capital structure, might result in failure. Therefore and thanks to our deep knowledge of the capital market and business angels in Portugal and in the world, we make available a vast set of services so that you’ll start or make grow you business project in the best way possible.  
  • Elaboration of Business Plans
  • Advising on Financing Forms
  • Financing support
  • Access to investors
Companies Evaluation and Transactions Advisory 
Our skills allow us to monitor the development of any company since its first step until its “adulthood”. In this phase, opportunities might happen and they’ll need to be responded, so the entepreneur has to know what the situation is: 
  • Due Diligence Processes Supporting
  • Experts Accounting Reports
  • Companies Evaluation
  • Access to National and International Investors
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Gesbanha S.A. has a current organizational structure in which management functions are considered an instrument to achieve the established goals.

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