General Accounting

We guarantee that all patrimonial records are kept according to the portuguese law and the international accounting standards, enabling all the necessary information to a suitable management control through processes and activities optimization, in a perfect sequence and collaboration with the finance manager of the company.

  • Accounts organization
  • Requirements SNC, IAS, US, GAAPs...
  • Balance Sheet Profit and Loss Account
  • Files Organization
  • Recapitulative Statement
  • Trial Balance
  • Notes to the Accounts

About Us
Gesbanha, S.A. presentation

Gesbanha S.A. has a current organizational structure in which management functions are considered an instrument to achieve the established goals.

Our Competences

Multidisciplinary professionals attentive to the most demanding conditions of each client and available to, with them, answer to the search of new solutions that allow a constant adaptation to the market and to all the surrounding community;