Management Consultancy

Support the implementation of optimizing and cost reduction programs, according to the financial goals of the client company, having in mind a dinamic and team motivation attitude that will perform at the administrative and financial areas. The implementation of the Balanced Scorecard metodology, which allows to evaluate and monitor a company under multiple perspectives, not only under the financial perspective, is one of our most added-value services, enabling to register a suitable management control.

  • How can I enhance my assets?
  • How can I be more profitable?
  • How can I get the information in a faster way?

About Us
Gesbanha, S.A. presentation

Gesbanha S.A. has a current organizational structure in which management functions are considered an instrument to achieve the established goals.

Our Competences

Multidisciplinary professionals attentive to the most demanding conditions of each client and available to, with them, answer to the search of new solutions that allow a constant adaptation to the market and to all the surrounding community;