We assure the execution of all procedures related to Staff Management (Administrative) of all employees, which contemplates the monthly processing of salaries and the fulfilment of all reporting obligations, as well as all the corresponding implications at a legal and fiscal level.


venc Maintenance of administrative records, such as staff registering and recording, vacations, absenteeism, additional workload, monitoring and work maps, statistics and employment certificates and employee's statements of agreement with the schedule exemptions, these last ones to be sent to Autoridade para as Condições do Trabalho;

venc Communication to the competent entities when an employee is hired, when an employee rescinds or in case of ilnesses. Registration of the employees at Social Security;

venc Communication of legal, work and fiscal information, enabling to comply, in due time, the legal obligations in this aspect. This information will be rendered regularly and/or everytime the legislation changes. Updating the IRS tables, legal upper limits of allowances and food allowances or changes in the general labour law are exemples of those informations.


Payroll - Salaries

venc Monthly proceed to the processing of salaries of all employees with a fixed/ variable salary nature, namely:

 Internship Allowance;
 Food Allowance;
 Function Suplement;
 Bonus to cashier failures;
 Vacation Allowance;
 Christmas Allowance;
 Additional Workload;

venc Income processing for independent collaborators (Category B).


venc Calculation of the value to be paid for termination of an employment relationship, including the proportional shares, mandatory by law;

venc Possibility of making allowances and discount imputation from the same employee to different cost centers;

venc Issuing the accounting release notes (map that is linked to accounting) related to the salaries processing;

venc Processing the advances on daily allowances and expenditures from another nature.


venc Monthly preparation in a magnetic media of the request for the banking transfers, to paycheck effects;

venc Calculation of retroactive salaries, as well as all the items affected by the updating.


Monthly and Annual Maps
venc Preparation of the maps to Social Security in an electronic form, according to legislation in force;

venc Preparation and filling of Payment Guides for Social Security (Guia de Pagamento da Segurança Social);

venc Adhesion processes treatment to the delivery of salary maps in magnetic media or via internet.


venc Monyhly clearence of the withholding tax corresponding to "IRS - Dependentes" and to "IRS - Independentes" and preparation of the respective Payment Guides ("Guias de Pagamento");

venc Annual clearence of the income and Annual Statement corresponding to "IRS - Dependentes" and to "IRS - Independentes" and preparation of the Annual Statement (Declaração Anual) (Modelo 10);

venc Annual clearence of the income and Annual Statement corresponding to "IRS - Dependenets" and to "IRS - Independentes" and preparation of the IRS Annual Individual Statement for each employee (Artigo 114, nº 1, alinea b), do CIRS);

venc Preparation of the statements / guides for stamp duty.


venc Preparation of the information about the social activity of the Client , in the terms and deadlines anticipated by Portaria nº 54/2010, de 21 de Janeiro - (Relatório Único);

venc Preparation of the social balance;

venc Preparation of the staff board to be delivered to ACT- Autoridade para as Condições do trabalho;

venc Preparation and issuing of the maps required by Trade Unions, Legal Systems and Subsystems of Health and other entities, such as pension funds;

venc Calculations / Discounts to other entities, namely pension funds;

venc Preparation, issuing and delivery of the maps required by Insurance Companies.

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