Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be an all-time reference in the implementation of the corporate governance best practices to our clients, contributing to an economical growth in Portugal.

Our Mission

To process and interpret business information so as to make possible that our clients will always make the right decisions along their adapting process to the changes that happen in the competition environment that we live in.


The “Knowledge Age” and the globalization in which we live in, are being reflected in all businesses, leading to new organizational formats, to an increasing need of agility on decision-making, in order to have a more effective competition towards clients and consumers, that are increasingly aware and demanding.

It’s to face these new organizational formats that the outsourcing service is increasingly more assumed in all economical sectors. The transfer of crucial functions of the business (core activities) to external entities that are in better (competitive) conditions to do it, allows to reach a higher efficiency and a consequent reduction of costs, taking advantage of the know-how and concentration of the management in the business core.

This is the context in which Gesbanha works, providing daily support to its clients in the decision-making process, managing to maintain the highest level of integration between the systems of Front Office and CRM and its systems of Back Office ensuring, thus, the relevance, opportunity and reliability of all the information on business follow-up according both with high ethic standards and the best corporate governance practices.

About Us
Gesbanha, S.A. presentation

Gesbanha S.A. has a current organizational structure in which the functions of management are considered an instrument to facilitate the fulfilment of the established objectives.

Our Competences

Multidisciplinary professionals attentive to the most demanding conditions of each client and available to, with them, answer to the search of new solutions that allow a constant adaptation to the market and to all the surrounding community;