• General Accounting
  • Analitic Accounting
  • Costing/Activity
  • Fixed Asset
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  • Payroll
  • Rep. Obligations
  • Adm. Management
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  • Planning
  • Tax obligations
  • Transfer Pricing
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  • B. Scorecard
  • B. Intelligence
  • Corporate Governance
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Following an auditing process conducted by SCORING (a Portuguese company specialized in Information and Management Systems), and supported by the prestigious magazine EXECUTIVE DIGEST, Gesbanha was certified as one of the TOP 5% Best Portuguese SMEs in 2020, for its capacity of generating earnings and financial soudness.



Created on October 10th 1986, by entrepreneurs Francisco Banha and António Mourato, Gesbanha completes 33 years serving the good Corporate Governance.

Brief Gesbanha, S.A. presentation 

Emerging Companies

Having as reference clients both of the public and private sectors, we render services from the most common activities related with accounting to the more complex demanded by an increasing number of clients that recognize in us the value of extracting more useful information to make decisions.

What makes us different: Visionary and Current; Value vs. Skills; Empowerment vs. Control; Anticipation vs. Historical; Ongoing vs. Periodical; Knowledge vs. Physical Actions.